Pasted Graphic YONKA
(name symbolizing regeneration and constant renewal)

Founded in 1955 by the Muhlethaler brothers; formulated, manufactured and controlled by the Laboratories Mulltaler, a  100% French and family run company, a pioneer in aesthetic aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

Yonka’s Quintessence are Lavender, Cypress, Thyme, Rosemary, Geranium;

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Yonka’s philosophy is to give the skin all it needs to find its balance and vital energy through bio-integrated plant therapy, which is a combination in one product of the vital ingredients of plants as well as essential oils and extracts for a product that is safer, more effective, more synergic, and easier to use.

Yonka can heal and repair your skin naturally with the active ingredient of the essential oils and plant extracts

Anti-Aging Facials


For Flawless Skin, look no further.  A customized facial treatment that provides a superior lifting effect for the face, neck, décolleté, eye and lip.  This is an advanced anti-aging and firming program for all skin types.   Optimal results will be achieved by following a regular home care regime.

90 mins $150

Excellence Code

High performance, technical and holistic treatment for mature skin. Manual massage techniques targeting energy zones that lift, drain, lighten age spots, with a biocelldlar mask to redefine, plump and smooth the skin.

60 mins $120 Intensive series of four $385 (Reg $480)
90 mins $150 Intensive series of four $480 (Reg $600)

Vital Elastine

Restructuring treatment for wrinkle skin! Specific anti-wrinkle massage techniques are performed with essential botanicals that will smooth your skin and leave it looking radiant

90 mins $125

Vital Intense

Offers intense stimulation in the deepest layers of the skin to beautifully revitalize the complexion.  Delivers a flawlessly radiant skin from within, with striking & immediate visible result.  Regenerate your skin! For all skin types and all stages of life, from maturing skin, skin imbalances due to pregnancy, post acne & sun exposure.

90 mins $95
60 mins $65

Alpha Vital

Defy the Age of your Skin.  A non-irritating cell renewal treatment to shed dead skin cells with immediate new skin softness & youth effect.  Using solely organically sourced AHA & BHA from fresh fruit, plants, trees and freshly prepared “peel off” mask. 
Splendid long-term effects when purchased as a cure of (4) four treatments.

60 mins $85 (four for $306)

Hydrating Facials


A long lasting, high performance facial provides deep hydration and infuses the skin with moisture that instantly calms & soothes.  A double hydrating fruit based mask neutralizing the skins discomfort from cold weather, wind, and sun.

60 mins $95 Intensive series of four $305 (Reg $380)

Blemish Free Facials

Soin Purete

For blemish free skin, this facial will gently correct unbalanced and acneic conditions even on the most delicate skin types.
For maximum results a series of treatments are recommended.

90 mins $110 Intensive series of four $396 (Reg $440)

Grande Classique

Relax and enjoy Yon-ka’s deep pore cleansing and restorative facial with a unique 5 step cleansing process: Cleanse, Balance, Hydrating Soft Peel, Deep exfoliation.  This is an ideal facial for all skin types.

90 mins $95

Men’s Specific Facials

Any facial listed on this page may be appropriate for both men and women, however, there are certain specific conditions that separate men’s from women’s skin. These are addressed in the following facials:

Age Defense

That three letter word “age” has as much significance for men’s skin as in women’s skin. Defy the signs of lines and wrinkles with this energizing, firming and toning treatment.

90 mins $95

Power Moist

Long lasting hydration is essential for all skin types. Shaving will be more pleasurable once dead skin cells and impurities have been removed and replaces with a natural luster that will last for days.

90 mins $95

Skin Fitness

Purify, Balance and Heal the skin are the main concerns addressed in this fitness treatment. Exfoliate and clarify away dead skin and any blemishes, leaving the skin feeling smooth and looking clear and fresh!

90 mins $95


Have a little more time to spend on your skin, then this is the one for you! Hydrating citrus peel will remove dead skin cells, while an creme mask will soothe and hydrate the skin.

60mins $59


Keep you skin in shape while still keeping up with your busy day. Clear away the stress on your skin and lock in moisture to carry you through the restive your day!

45 mins $36

Stress-Less Facials

Plaisir D’Aromes

This facial is the essence of relaxation facials, with aromas of fruit extracts and essential oils like Rosemary that will help oxygenate the skin and calm the mind. The botanical extracts and essential oils will release fatigue and stress from the skin, leaving the completion glowing and radiant.

70 mins $85

Eclat Contour

Defy the signs of ageing by experiencing the results from regeneration, drainage, firming & comfort around the eyes.  Luminous eyes will be the perfect addition for a night out or special occasions. 

60 mins $60

Introductory Facials

Beauty Break~Escale Beaute

An amazing beauty break away from your busy day.  Immediately discover the benefits of Citrus that will replenish and sooth your complexion.  For all skin types.

45 mins $59

Discover Yonka~Intermezzo

Receive a complimentary skin analyses with this introductory facial and experience of botanical extracts and essential oils that will leave you skin looking and feeling radiant.

30 mins $36